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revisit: urbanism made in london
exhibition curated by peter arlt with public works and MUF
architekturforum oberösterreich, 2007

with contributions from celine condorelli, nicoline van harskamp, MUF with finn williams, public works, kaija vogel/peter arlt

Upper Austrian Architectural Forum:
Friday, 2 February 2007: 7.00 pm Opening
Monday, 5 February 2007: 7.00 pm Lecture, andreas lang (public works), london:
"spatial practices in london - guided tour"

Exhibition: 2 February 2007 - 3 March 2007

It takes about the same about of time and the same amount of money to travel from Linz to London as to Vienna. London tourists take advantage of this offer and do what they do everywhere: compare the sights recommended by the travel guides with the reality of the actual places.
"revisit: URBANISM MADE IN LONDON" is an exhibition that can also be used as a travel guide. There are no (new) images created here, however, but rather 'readings' that offer a glimpse behind the visual facade of public spaces.

What becomes evident are rules and regulations, modes of behaviour, communities and conflicting interests that significantly influence the use value of the places. This view of the software of the city allows us to recognise and understand the city - and not merely to perceive it. However, this kind of recognition also relativises the conventional approach of architecture and urban planning, evoking new fields of action and approaches for urbanists at the same time. It is not the singular architectonic planning of a place that becomes the subject matter of the profession, but rather a permanent negotiation of a place - with the most diverse actors - becomes determinant.

London is outstanding in two ways: it is characterised by a high degree of the regulation of public space with little scope for action on the one hand, and on the other a community based democratic use and planning of public space. Both exist not only alongside one another, but also - surprisingly - together with one another.
Starting from six different places, familiar and unfamiliar locations, artists and architects based in London probe the use of these places and the conditions of use in works prepared especially for the exhibition.

Exhibition design: Hans Kropshofer
Exhibition graphics: Gerald Lohninger

With support from the Upper Austrian Architectural Forum, the City of Linz, Office of the Federal Chancellery, and Eternit.


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